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I'm posting this in case some of you knew Jon Portnoy from YAPC, CPAN,
IRC, or Gentoo Linux.  He was not part of DCPM to my knowledge, but was
part of our greater Perl community of developers.

The Gentoo Linux Foundation made a very generous contribution to The
Perl Foundation (TPF), in memoriam, Jonathan Portnoy (avenj), 1987/02/24
- 2016/08/10.

Please see his obituary and my August 22nd, 2016 posting at:


Hopefully one of his friends will help maintain his modules going
forward so the Perl community remembers him too.

The family requests that donations in his memory be made to the Perl
Foundation at

Larry Hixson
DC Perl Monger
TPF Steering Commitee, Donor Relations Chair
lhixson at perlfoundation.org

Lawrence Hixson
Senior Software Engineer/Oracle DBA
National Weather Service Headquarters
1325 E West Hwy, SSMC2, Rm 17129
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3283
301-427-6961 NWS Office
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