[Israel.pm] Qualcomm is looking for a Perl expert

Yaar, Kfir kyaar at qualcomm.com
Sun Mar 25 02:31:56 PDT 2012

Now I see it... :)

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As the one supervising this and other Perl jobs in Qualcomm Israel-

We are not breaking away from the ancient Perl testing framework.
It might even be part of the solution, since there is no replacement for it in places like controlling test equipment and interfacing the test reporting tool.

BUT other than that you'll have a lot of freedom in choosing your tools and strategy.
For example my team's solution for testing storage devices uses modern Perl code as the logic behind Android tests (as Shmuel suggested) combined with some Excel VBA (for creating graphs), a little Python (for Google/Android automation) and C (quick parsing of logs). The mentioned testing framework is mainly used for reporting results.

Being objective on this... I also agree with Shmuel about Qualcomm being a recommended good company, with good culture.

BTW Sending CVs directly to me will be more efficient, bypassing the HR bureaucracy.

Oren Reshef
oreshef at qualcomm.com<mailto:oreshef at qualcomm.com>

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Hey, this was my old job.
If they are going to use modern version of Perl, it means that they are breaking from the old testing framework.
Which makes sense, as it becomes less relevant now that they deal mostly with Android, probably.

Btw, I recommend them. A very good company, with good culture.


On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 4:46 AM, Gabor Szabo <gabor at szabgab.com<mailto:gabor at szabgab.com>> wrote:
for writing a test automation framework.


I talked to the guy who is looking for the Perl expert and
it sounds like an exciting work. I could even convince
him to allow the usage of the most modern version of Perl.

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