[Israel.pm] Officially announcing the Israeli Perl Workshop (ILPW) 2013!

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Larry Wall!!!1239
Where does the line stand between a YAPC and a workshop? You already have a
day and half, and 150 participates...

Btw, nice thing that was in YAPC::Tokyo: give people the option to be
"individual sponsor". Add X nis to the ticket fee, and your name will be
added to the page.


On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 8:54 PM, sawyer x <xsawyerx at gmail.com> wrote:

> *Israel Perl Workshop (ILPW) 2013.*
> Dates: *Purim, February 24th - 25h, 2013*.
> Last year (2012), we held a Perl workshop to promote Perl and FOSS (Free
> and Open Source Software) which included talks on various and guests from
> around the world. It was deemed very successful and we decided to organize
> another one: a bigger one!
> This year's workshop will have a few changes, the highlights being:
>    - It will be *two days long*.
>    - A very special gust: *Larry Wall*!!112
>    - Low attendance fee.
>    - Wider crowd / more attendees
> *Two days?*
> Yes! Well, not exactly. A day and a half.
> We've been satisfied with the amount of talks in the previous workshop,
> but the scheduled was rather tight, and we had to forgo some plans we had,
> such as tutorials and a hackathon. We attempt to rectify that in the next
> workshop.
> We have yet to finalize the schedule, but we hope to use the additional
> half a day to incorporate hacking sessions and longer talks like tutorials.
> *Special guest: Larry Wall*
> In Perl-land, the mark of a highly-successful event is one that includes
> the very man in charge of creating this language we enjoy immensely: Larry
> Wall. Larry visits many events, provides a fun and casual atmosphere along
> with deep knowledge, understanding, and a handful of humor. While Gloria
> Wall will be visiting us, she will drag Larry along with her.
> We are excited and delighted to have Gloria and Larry join us for this
> event.
> *(Low) attendance fee:*
> Our previous event was free of charge, which sounds good in theory but in
> practice created many problems for us. Our main problem was having an
> accurate measure of attendance, which proved difficult once it was a simple
> click to approve attendance without having any requirement to actually show
> up.
> While the event was very well received and enjoyed a large number of
> participants, it was difficult for us to gage our requirements and
> expenses. Also, for a larger event our current funding budget is still
> somewhat lacking. Having a low attendance fee will allow us to know better
> the number of attending persons and will give us another financial kick to
> have a smooth event.
> The attendance fee will have the usual options of Personal, Corporate and
> the Early Bird Special.
> *Wider crowd:*
> ILPW2012 had eighty (80) attendees which is a rather fine number. This
> time, however, we intend to reach out to 120-150 people. One of the ways we
> intend to do so is to make the event more facilitating to other
> technologies that intersect with Perl, such as Web, Databases, System
> Administration (and DevOps), Gaming, and more.
> We hope to host talks on various subjects and reach out to other
> communities to participate in the event and enrich us in subjects not
> necessarily strictly Perl.
> *Sponsoring:*
> So far we've secured kickstart funding from HaMakor organization, which is
> much appreciated. This will help us get in gear. We thank HaMakor for
> sponsoring and helping promote such events.
> *We need your help!*
> We could *really* use your help. While we have big plans, we are
> short-handed and will greatly appreciate any help you may be able to
> provide. If you want this event to be everything you're hoping for, you can
> make that a reality by pitching in and lending your hand.
> *Sponsorship:* We're still looking for more sponsors. You can help
> contact companies, inquiring about sponsorship opportunities.
> *Talks:* We're low on talks. If you've never spoken at an event, you're
> suitable! If you've done something cool/interesting/useful, you're
> suitable! If you do Perl and have some wisdom to share, you're suitable! If
> you would like to showcase modules (yours or not), you're suitable! Please
> contact us to submit a talk. We've flexible on subjects.
> *Publicity:* In order to reach a wider audience, we will need to take
> this on the road. And by “on the road”, we actually mean “on the internet”.
> This means contacting other groups, contacting websites and related news
> outlets, writing press releases and so on. A great event isn't great if
> nobody knows about it.
> Please contact either Gabor Szabo (gabor AT szabgab DOT com) or Sawyer X
> (xsawyer AT cpan DOT org) to coordinate any and all efforts. We will also
> see you at the upcoming Tel Aviv Perl Mongers meetings, where we could
> exchange ideas in person. And lastly, the official Israel.pm<http://www.perl.org.il> mailing
> list <http://mail.perl.org.il/mailman/listinfo/perl/> is also a suitable
> place to discuss ideas.
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