[Israel.pm] Perl developer + GNU/Linux administrator job offer

Sawyer X xsawyerx at cpan.org
Thu Aug 30 08:32:49 PDT 2012

Netvertise.co.il is looking for a System Administrator and Perl developer.

What does that entail:
- Identify areas ideal for automation and work with your team members to
see your ideas through to fruition.
- Create scripts and craft tools to automate system procedures as well as
answer to unique networking requirements.
- Interface with development teams to maintain awareness of system updates
and issues.
- Troubleshoot system errors and perform recovery procedures in real-time
emergency scenarios.
- Collaborate daily with your product team. You will be an integrated
member of the team and working to ensure all production systems (24/7/365)
are running smoothly.
- Work with development teams to understand features and system
requirements, provide assistance to development teams with creating
staging/testing system environments.

Required skills:
- Modern Perl: Moo/Moose, AnyEvent, DBIx::Class, Dancer, Ubic, local::lib,
unit testing, etc.
- Experience with Linux system administration (Red-Hat, Debian, Gentoo, etc)
- Understanding of network technologies (Web, SMTP, DNS, DHCP, routing,
firewalls, TCP/IP)
- Experience with common daemons (BIND/djbdns, Apache/Nginx, Exim/Postfix,
- Experience with troubleshooting network problems in configurations and
- Problem solving skills and ability to apply creative tactical solutions
to business needs.

Desired skills:
- Experience with MySQL and other RDBMS.
- Experience with web development (PHP, Perl, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
- Experience with Linux HA and clustering methods.
- Linux kernel development, strong C skills.

Please send your CV to mayaw at netvertise.co.il
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Maya Wolkoon
Human Resources Manager
Netvertise Ltd.

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