[Israel.pm] ILPW 2013

Gabor Szabo gabor at szabgab.com
Thu Aug 30 02:59:53 PDT 2012


this is still very early, but we have started to organize the next
Israeli Perl Workshop.
The plan is to do it at the end of February 2013 and to invite a
couple of guests from

Therefore we might opt for a 2-day event instead of a 1 day event or
we might run
a Hackathon next to the workshop.

As this requires a lot more funds than last year, I already started to
look for sponsors,
but we might also need to bring back the entrance fee. It's a bit of a
mess, but it
provides some money we can use to cover the costs and it reduces the
unknown factor
from the number of participants. It makes it easier to plan the amount
of food to order.

We'll ask Shenkar again to hold the even in their venue, but we don't
know yet if they
can provide the facilities.

If you think you could get your company to sponsor the even, please
introduce me to them!

The web site is open for registration already http://act.perl.org.il/ilpw2013/
You are invited to register!


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