[Israel.pm] Next PM meeting: August 29th.

Thomas Maier hayzer at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 04:57:34 PDT 2012


Next PM meeting will take a place on Wednesday, August 29th
The usual place Shenkar College, main building on Anna Frank street, Ramat Gan,
Room 2106 (not sure about that, but I will update you later) at 18.30.

We have two talks for the moment.

Sawyer X - "Practical Perl - Earn your living"
 how to make money from parsing a string.

Uri Bruck - "If Music be the Food of Love, try playing it with Perl."

MIDI, Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is a standard that enables
musical instruments and other devices to communicate with each other.
It's not surprising that there's something on cpan for that.
We'll look into various aspects of handling MIDI with Perl, and maybe get
to listen to something nice too.

Many thanks to the volunteers.


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