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On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 9:42 PM, Mikhael Goikhman <migo at homemail.com> wrote:

> It is the 21st century, so thou shalt only use proprietary software,
> i.e. gmail.  Preferably on Windows 7.  And shalt not have any need to
> modify it.  The mail protocol is dead unless abused with extensions.
> Thou shalt chat in skype anyway, not using this ancient invention.
> Text based utilities are obsolete, unix died 40 years ago. Oh well.
> Now after we fully exhausted the rant topic, it would be nice to hear
> about the original problem that can't be solved on the client side
> without the latest traumatic changes. And whether you actually think
> it is solved now. :)

More than fair! :)

I think that these days we should be able to support what most people use.
Not "most people" as in "most people out there that aren't necessarily on
the list" but:
- Most people who are on the list
- Most people from the crowd that might be on the list

Still not supporting HTML which is something very basic in a multitude of
clients (this includes Outlook, Firebird, Yahoo! Mail - even the old
version, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.), including some text mail clients as well,
seems to be... well, arcane and inconsiderate. I know we all think
consideration should come our way (it is always *you* not being considerate
of *me*) but here, we should take into account that when most clients use a
specific technology that most users (and potential list users) use, it makes
sense not to ignore it for the very few of don't have a custom-configured
mutt client (no disrespect to mutt).

Every time I wanted to post to this list, I had to move to plain text, write
my reply, write another email, change the interface to rich text and discard
the email. It's a hassle but I was inclined to do so because I thought Perl
mailing lists are composed of very old people who refuse to acknowledge even
the slightest modern technology (such as HTML), even if it serves most
modern users much comfort. This was one of the reasons I haven't wrote much
on this list (considering I write on my blog every week - if you disregard
this past month). It's simply a pain in the ass. I feel like I should
apologize for using something modern (that exists for more than 10 years!)

Instead I've noticed that the module-authors list isn't this pedantic about
content types, and Gabor stated last Rehovot.pm meeting that he doesn't
really care one way or the other - he's willing to make the changes if
someone just explained which changes were necessary. The rest you read on
the list.

All my angst and buggery boils down to "it's just HTML, is it *that*
horrible for you?"

And I'll tell you what, if you do a poll and find that most users on this
list prefer (or even, *demand*) that the mails be sent in plain/text only,
because they use clients which cannot display HTML content or refuse to
acknowledge this technology - I'll be the first to start sending them again
in plain/text. :)

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