[Israel.pm] multipart/alternative added

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Wed May 26 04:32:05 PDT 2010

On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 1:48 PM, Gaal Yahas <gaal at forum2.org> wrote:

> No, look at the headers:
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"

no idea. I set to "rich text form" or whatever it is called in Gmail that is
Plain text.

> Unfortunately Hebrew is unlikely to ever work correctly in email
> without HTML. It can be done in controlled environments, but not in
> the wild.
On the last Rehovot.pm meeting it came up that I should
allow some HTML content to pass through.
I asked what mime type I need to let through but I don't remember
what were the answers.

Then I blogged about something slightly unrelated and Amir
got into complain mode:

Some times ago you were the one who mentioned this mime-type
so that's why added this specific mime-type as I did not have
any better idea.

Just let me know - here on the list ! - what you would like to pass through
and then we can see if that changes anything on the behavior of our normal
users and the spammers.


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