[Israel.pm] Job: looking for a Perl developer

Eli Billauer eli at billauer.co.il
Fri May 14 04:44:39 PDT 2010

Gabor Szabo wrote:

> Do you mean if I send my CV to a potential employer I cannot trust them
> NOT to distribute my CV to random places?
We live in a small country. People talk. The recipient could be your 
boss' best friend.
> There is no point in sending their CV to a company they already know they
> don't want to work for.
Or the strategy reversed: Send CV to all, and do the filtering with 
companies who respond. On the way, you can learn how much other 
companies are ready to offer you, even if you don't want to work there.
> Why would someone send their CV to every place that has a job vacancy?
The word is that this is exactly what is happening. To answer your 
question directly: Why not?
> If the employer (person or company) does not want to tell about themselves
> I assume they are ashamed of either themselves or the fact that they are
> using Perl. 
No, they want to avoid the situation of having their company's name 
involved in a ridiculous flame war in a mailing list with high Google 
rank. And that has happened quite a few times, mostly in linux-il. If an 
outsider sees what happens in linux-il, taking precautions in 
perl.org.il is fairly sensible. We know that the lists are very 
different. An outsider doesn't.


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