[Israel.pm] Poll: What are the most important features of an employer or a job opportunity for you?

Pinkhas Nisanov pinkhas at nisanov.com
Sun May 9 01:04:36 PDT 2010

Hi Gabor,

There is no contradiction, managers looking for good perl programmer
ready to pay salary of perl programmer, much lower than c#/java/c++
programmer salary. Most of good perl programmers can write good
code not only in perl, but also in c#/java/c++. Most of programmers
(like me) prefer get bigger salary than programming in perl (we always
can program in perl at home).
"Cannot find good perl programmer" is big bullshit. In market space
when there is lack of something you need to pay more for it. Managers
that "cannot find good perl programmer" are not ready to "pay more"
or not really want perl development.

Pinkhas Nisanov

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