[Israel.pm] Poll: What are the most important features of an employer or a job opportunity for you?

guy keren choo at actcom.co.il
Sat May 8 19:28:50 PDT 2010

gabor - i think you (and most of the community) missed a major factor - 
the job should be interesting/challenging/rewarding, and the system 
being developed should be interesting/challenging/rewarding.

the reason i don't look for "perl jobs", is because they tend to be 
about "more of the same" - i.e. doing things i already did, or doing 
things that many others did before, or they seem to be too simplistic, 

besides, i don't view myself as a "perl programmer" to begin with - i'm 
a something-else programmer, and i use perl for various parts of the 
larger job (not in the current work-place - it turned into a C+python 
workshop ;)


Gabor Szabo wrote:
> Hi all,
> Recently I talked to many people about an idea on how to improve
> the communication between companies using Perl and the open source
> Perl community. Many managers at companies told me the number
> one problem they are facing with Perl is that they cannot find good Perl
> developers. On the other hand many good Perl developers I know complain
> that there are no good Perl jobs on the market.
> What is the reason for this contradiction? Is this because the job
> opportunities
> are in different locations than the developers? Is this because there
> is a gap in
> the meaning of "good Perl developer" and "good Perl job"?
> In order to try to understand the problem I created a small poll
> trying to figure
> out what are the expectations of a Perl developer from an employer or a job
> opportunity.
> In addition to this poll I am also preparing a white paper for companies to
> help them understand how they can find more and better Perl developers.
> If you are interested in it or you would like your boss to read it,
> please let me know.
> http://perlide.org/polls/the-most-important-features-of-an-employer-or-job-opportunity/
> regards
>    Gabor
>    http://szabgab.com/
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