[Israel.pm] Fwd: Invitation to a hands on Semantic Web tutorial for developers

Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Thu Jan 28 00:06:15 PST 2010

Hi all!

I'm forwarding this announcement to several lists, please reply only to at 
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	Shlomi Fish

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Subject: [Python-il] [pyweb-il:697] Re: Invitation to a hands on Semantic Web 
tutorial for developers
Date: Wednesday 27 Jan 2010, 20:16:23
From: "Eyal Sela (@eyalsela)" <eyalsela10 at gmail.com>
To: pyweb-il at googlegroups.com


> The Israeli W3C office is having the first developers meetup for 2010 on
Feb 3rd.

> We will have a Semantic Web tutorial for developers.

> (Udi Bauman is one of the lecturers).


> See more details here - www.w3c.org.il/article/semanticweb

> You're invited.

> --

> Eyal Sela


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