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Sun Jan 10 23:12:55 PST 2010

In the forwarded message Andrew Shitov poined out their annual PM
group report for 2009 and plans for 2010. He also asked the PM group
leaders to write their own.

I was thinking a bit of what could I write what happened in 2009 but
AFAIK most of the year did not happen much.

There were some meetings in Jerusalem.pm and some in the
Open Source Developers Club in the Tel Aviv University.

The main web site was stuck in its earlier form due to my laziness most of 2009.

The good news here is that finally I managed to fix it and now people can start
contributing to the web site. Shlomi Fish has already started it
(thanks Shlomi).

Also in the last couple of months of 2009 we have started to organize monthly
meeting in Rehovot that so far seem to work out well.

So I would say not much happened in 2009 but at least our groups still show
some activity unlike some of the other open source groups in Israel.

** Plans for 2010 **

So let me write a few sentences of *my* plans for 2010.

We had a short discussion about the sad state of Perl usage in Israel
and the lack of promotion. My main objective for 2010 is to start changing this.

I would be really happy if you also replied with what you are going to do
in order to improve the situation - or at least what would you consider to be
an improved state?

* Clean up the http://perl.org.il/ website to have up-to-date information and
   further improve the http://rehovot.pm.org/ site.

* Keep organizing the monthly meetings of Rehovot Perl Mongers making
   sure we have the scheduled dates and talks available a few month ahead.

* Try further to find a location in Tel Aviv/Ramat Gan where we can
   start having monthly meeting again.

* Open a web form for Perl support in Hebrew

* Give talks about Perl, Perl 6 and Padre both on the Perl Monger meetings
   and if they are interested in some of the other technical community meetings
   around the country.

So what are your plans for 2010? Would you like to see more Perl
activity in Israel?
What will *you* do for that? In what of the objectives I have could you help?


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Jozef Kutej wrote today about what his Bratislava.pm was happy to
offer to Perl people in 2009 and what is going to do in 2010:
(English below Slovak).

I think most of active PM-group leaders who are subscribed to this
list could write a post about their groups. I would personally read
such posts with pleasure. And it definetely will help to popularize
Perl among dark masses.

I've started with a post about Moscow.pm
(http://mail.pm.org/pipermail/moscow-pm/2010-January/007169.html, in
Russian), then in less than an hour my friend wrote about
RostovOnDon.pm (http://mail.pm.org/pipermail/rostovondon-pm/2010-January/000593.html,
in Russian). I will re-post my one in English tomorrow (while having a
good time waiting for the plane in the airport :-)

Plese join!

Andrew Shitov

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