[Israel.pm] IO::Lambda meeting

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 00:46:54 PST 2010


a short meeting report.

As I was teaching till 17:30 in Jerusalem and then I had to wait 15
minutes at the gates of the Weizmann till they let me in I arrived
only a few minutes before the end of the talk. That was quite
unfortunate as I really wanted to hear the talk Peter Gordon gave
about IO::Lambda. Especially as we also need to solve the concurrency
issues with Padre.

I brought the regular stuff to eat but there were only 6 people in the
meeting and they also mostly refused to eat. After the talk I try to
interrogate Peter about the concurrency stuff but was a bit afraid
that I am actually asking him to repeat the same thing he said during
his talk. So I asked him how to investigate the high-load issues I
sometime see on my web server.

I also told people a bit about FOSDEM and Peter asked me about Perl 6
and when it is going to be release and who will use it. The main
answer I can give is that if you want something to happen faster,
please do something about it! Start writing tests or just start using
it and report bugs or areas where it is hard to use.

So if you are interested in Perl 6 then please start researching it.
If you are interested in Padre then come and join our community. There
are several very active communities in the Perl world and it is quite
fun to be involved.

The slides of Peter can be found on http://rehovot.pm.org/meetings.html


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