[Israel.pm] Quality of CPAN modules, CPAN::Reporter

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 03:44:41 PDT 2006


In my Perl courses people always ask me about the quality of the
CPAN modules. One of the key things I am pointing at is CPAN Testers

It's a great resource for both module authors and module users.

The biggest problem with it was so far that relatively few people sent in
reports, partially because CPANPLUS was required for that.

Recently I started to use CPAN::Reporter
that works with the regular CPAN.pm module. Once installed it
will send success and failure report on each one of the modules you install.

That is with an initial minor work - installing CPAN::Reporter - you will be
sending test reports and help the effort of making CPAN a better place.

You can watch the queue of the incoming test reports here:
and check that your test reports are showing up a few minutes
after you sent them.

If anyone needs help setting it up, just post a note here or here


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