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Shlomi Fish shlomif at iglu.org.il
Wed Nov 22 11:40:05 PST 2006


Sorry for the late response.

On Wednesday 15 November 2006 10:49, Jerrad Pierce wrote:
> We're looking for people to help continue the tradition of the Perl Advent
> Calendar. Since 2000, the calendar has been produced as a fun way of
> (re-)introducing the wonders of CPAN to the community through ~four weeks
> of daily module reviews. For an example see last year's calendar currently
> available at http://web.mit.edu/belg4mit/www/
> Until we get something else set up, please reply regarding participation to
> the list.
> "Action items" (pluses are an estimation of effort required):
> +	modules:
> 		Even if you cannot allocate much effort to other parts of the
> 		project, recommendations of modules to consider for review are
> 		very helpful; check your bookmarks for things you've always
> 		meant to try, and site_perl for obscure/overlooked useful
> 		modules (perhaps beyond the scope intended by the author).
> 		*For now, please send these to me directly, and not the list*

Will do.

> ++++	authors:
> 		People to write the reviews, hopefully 5-8 volunteers to
> 		reduce the workload but keep the number of people manageable.

I can do that as well.

> +++++	editor (I have no problem doing this):
> 		Organize everything, especially scheduling the authors
> 		contributions.

I can do that too.

> ++	domain name: Uri?
> 		advent.perl.org

I cannot really help with that.

> +/+++	hosting:
> 		a (semi?)permanent home for past, present and future calendars?
> 		perl.org? local (Duane)?
> ++	secretary/admin:
> 		Set up a private wiki or email list for contributors to
> 		converse. This prevents bothering others with the chatter,
> 		and also helps to preserve the surprise for readers ;-)
> 		Also, do we want a CMS (with integrated RSS) or to go with
> 		simpler freeform style of last year? manual HTML editing
> 		around perl-tidy output and a quick hack for RSS

I can do that too as I'm sys-admining iglu.org.il which has web space 
(including Apache PHP and Perl CGI) and qmail+Sympa. 

> +++	splash image:
> 		an interesting (libre) christmas/camelid themed image for the
> 		calendar. Are you good with a camera? Photoshop? Inkscape?
> 		Perhaps a medium close-up of a christmas tree decorated with
> 		camels and onions and sigils?

Why not use the old Advent calendar marching Camels image:


> +/++	publicity:
> 		Spread the word to the usual suspects and others.

I can also help with that.

> +++	archive:
> 		Permission for republishing of previous years from Mark Fowler
> 		Retrieve copies from him or Wayback. I had pieced together a
> 		copy of the first year's calendar (lost by Fowler due to
> 		system failure) but cannot locate it. I think I emailed a
> 		copy once or twice though, and hopefully he still has it?

Also can do that.

So how do we start?


	Shlomi Fish

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