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Hi Everybody!

The next Tel Aviv Perl Mongers meeting will be held on Wednesday - November
28th, same location as last month - Shenkar College in Ramat Gan - Ana
Frank 12, Room 2103 (Mitchell Building).

We will gather at 18:30 and the talks will start at 19:00.

One can find more details on the web-site of the Tel Aviv Perl
mongers, and on the homepage of Perl in Israel.

The agenda this month includes:

Ido Kanner - binding shared libraries with Perl: https://idkn.wordpress.com/
  Overview of what shared libraries are, and how to bind their
functions to Perl.

Ynon Perek - Real Time Web with Pocket::IO: http://mobileweb.ynonperek.com/about
  The Internet is changing direction. More and more web-sites want to
notify their visitors in real
time about changes that happen on the server (for instance, a
different visitor uploaded a photo).
A library called Socket IO unifies all the various ways to send
messages from the server to the
computers of the visitors and allows the programmer to write an
Internet application that gets updated
in real time. vti implemented the library in Perl as Pocket::IO.

  In this talk, I will present the ideas behind Real Time Web,
including code excerpts in Perl which
use the library in order to create interactive sites.

Sawyer X - Regular Expressions Demystified:

  Do you use Regular Expressions? No? Would you like to? Do you find
them complicated or confusing?
Let's try to fix that. A beginner's talk for introducing simple,
smart, easy-to-understand Regular

Attending the meeting is free-of-charge, and everyone are welcome to
attend. See you there!

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