[Israel.pm News] Perl Workshop in 2012

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 05:26:19 PDT 2011


I just discussed with Sawyer that it might be time to
organize a Perl Workshop in Israel again.

That might help strengthening our community.
It can also be a good opportunity to reach out to people
who are not coming to our regular meetings and
who are not on our mailing list.

This is mostly a heads-up as we don't have a place or a
fixed date yet but we are aiming at the beginning of 2012.

So what can you do to help?

1) Start thinking about a talk or two. The regular
Perl meeting is a good place to practice!

2) Speaker contact and proceedings creator.

As in previous years it would be nice to go home with
a booklet of the printed materials. Even if in the end
we cannot finance the booklet, we would like to make
sure the talks are available on-line. We need a volunteer
to be in touch with the speakers, to collect the materials
and if to put them together for printing.

3) Help get in touch with sponsors.

We will run the event in a similar fashion as in the earlier years.
That means a small entrance fee (much bigger if you pay late)
and covering the other expenses by sponsors. So we need
your help in finding the sponsors.


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