[Israel.pm News] Rehovot Perl Mongers - next meeting on 19 January 2010

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 22:48:09 PST 2010

The next meeting of the Rehovot Perl Mongers will take place on
19 January 2010 at 18:00
in the already usual location in the Weizmann Institute.

On the meeting Lary Ecker will talk about a  perl program for FPGA
Board Integration.
Details about his talk can be found on the web site of the Rehovot Perl Mongers:
http://rehovot.pm.org/   along with instructions on how to arrive.

We are still looking for presentation to the upcoming meetings.
Some people have already indicated that they would give a talk -
we will have to schedule your talk - others, please let me know if you'd like
to share you knowledge.


Gabor Szabo                     http://szabgab.com/

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