[Israel.pm News] CPAN::Forum tagging bounty

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 12:58:49 PDT 2007


You might know that I have added tagging capability to CPAN::Forum
so users can add tags to any of the CPAN modules.


The data is exported in several formats
(see  http://www.cpanforum.com/faq/#data )
and can be used in search engines or other tools to help people locate
CPAN modules.

Unfortunately so far there was not much action and without several thousand
tags it is not useful.

So I am offering a bounty for tags.

On the next Perl mongers meeting I'll hand out T-shirts to the top 3
taggers who have created at least 200 tags on at least 50 modules. [1]
The meeting is on 14th, I need a few days to prepare the T-shirts so
the dead-line for adding the 200 tags is midnight on Wednesday 7th August.

Once you have the 200 tags please send an e-mail to the mailing list
with your user id on CPAN::Forum so everyone can see your tags.[2]
If people on the list think they are garbage you will have to improve them
or you will not get the T-shirt.
You also have to send a private e-mail to me with the size
of the T-shirt you would like to get.

Happy tagging


[1] If you can't make it to the next meeting you can still get the T-shirt at
     a later time but you have to arrange meeting me.
[2] By that time I have to add a view of all the tags of a single user.
      I hope I can do it by Sunday.

Gabor Szabo
Perl Training in Israel  http://www.pti.co.il/

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