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Just a quick notice that there are only 5 days left to register for
YAPC::Europe with the cheaper early bird tariff (saving 20 Euros) -
you'll also have the chance to win one of two coffee table books on
Vienna. Early Bird registration ends on 31st March, 23:59.

Barbie was smart enough to discover a slight loophole in our pricing: If
you submit a talk proposal and do not register as an early bird and have
your proposal rejected, you'll loose 20 Euros (which is still better
than submitting an proposal, paying the 80 Euros, and then have your
proposal accepted and your ticket fee waived).

So we clarify our rules: If you submit a talk proposal, you'll also be
eligible to the reduced 80 Euros fee after March, 31st. Of course you
can submit a talk and pay the regular or even the sponsor tariff :-)

Oh, and don't forget that if you submit a talk proposal until March
31st, you're also in for the book-raffle!


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