[Israel.pm News] Pugs and Parrot Hackathon in Feb/March 2007

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 10:17:24 PST 2006


as I mentioned in my e-mail yesterday I still would like to organize the
Pugs Hackathon in end of February - beginning of March with
Audrey Tang and local hackers.
Audrey can be in Israel approximately between 23/Feb - 11/March.
If we are lucky Allison Randal might also be able to join the Hackathon.

In order to make a progress with this I need to know who is interested
and where can we hold it.

I will have to find some source to cove the expenses of Audrey. Part of the
costs I will pay out of my pocket but I will need to find other sources as well.

If any of you works for a company that is interested to show their support
of Perl and the Perl community -(e.g. because they would like to make it
easier to recruit some of the local Perl developers) - please ask them to
finance some of our expenses.

I could think of two options:
1) Find a place similar to last year on a relatively remote location.
(like Mt. Arbel)
and be there for 7 days. People would be able to come for shorter period but in
order to make a reservation I'll need to get commitments up front.
The cost would be about 250-300 NIS/person/day including the venue and food.
Unless we can find a sponsor that will pick up some of the expenses.
(In this case we probably also need to hire a car that will increase
the expenses
I need to cover).

2a) Find a flat in Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan area where we can hold the Hackathon.
We would probably not sleep there just come by some of the days. I can imagine
that some people would go to work in the morning hours and then come to the
hackathon in the afternoon/evening hours. This could be even a 10-12 days

2b) Find a company in the TA-RG area that during those 10-12 days would
let us in their offices in one of the meeting rooms.

I can also imagine that we would stay in a flat during daytime when
the companies
are working but in the evenings 18-23 when there might be more people
we go to the office.

The cost for these would be only the food you eat (part of it might be
in some shared form) so I guess this means something like 30-60-90 NIS
per day/person,
largely depending when you come and go.

For 2a and 2b I urgently need people who would volunteer their flat for this
or who can arrange in their company that we stay there either full days or
in the evening hours.

1 seems to be much more relaxed and real Hackathon-like.
2a-b is much cheaper but for this we need to find a place and it might be
less intensive than 1. I think.

>From everyone who is interested please let me know what do you think of the
above and if you plan to come please let me know in which case would you come
and for how long?
e.g. If in remote location I would come 3 days if in TA area I can
come every day from 19-23 and all day on Fri-Sat.

Please do this ASAP so I can see how many people are interested.


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