[Israel.pm News] Meeting tomorrow

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 04:29:36 PDT 2005

Hello, I just talked to Shlomo so we already have two talks for
tomorrow (though I
am still not sure how am I going to make it to the meeting)

Anyway, here are the talks:

Roman Parparov:
AI & Perl - implementing CSP method for Swiss chess tournament pairing.

Shlomo Yona:

Title: A job-interview like sorting riddle
I'll present a sorting riddle I heard in a job interview.
We'll discuss it and possible solutions. Then I'll present a
simple solution in Perl. Next we will discuss how to prove
that the solution works as expected.
Finally, we will have an open discussion on how to
generalize the solution and how to implement that
generalization in Perl.
Duration: 1 hour 

Location TAU, as two weeks ago
Hours: 19:00-22:00


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