[Israel.pm News] Perl and PHP training sessions

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Tue Jun 1 07:30:02 PDT 2004

It is time again for a new round of courses.
Lately I added some PHP courses too (taught by Ori Idan
who introduced HaMakor on YAPC) and you can see my classes.
I am also opening a "Perl Quick Start" course for beginners.

Discount for Israel.pm members:
- Whoever mentions Israel.pm at the time of
  registration will get 5% off of the regular price.
- HaMakor members also get 5% off of the regular price.
- One can combine these two discounts.

We are offering both Perl and PHP classes in Beginner and Advanced level.
The PHP trainer is Ori Idan while the Perl trainer is me, Gabor Szabo.

The dates of the training sessions are as follows:

2004.06.23 Wednesday - QA - Automated testing with Perl (Advanced)

2004.06.24 Thursday  - Debugging Perl Scripts and Applications (Advanced)

2004.06.27 Sunday    - Introduction to PHP (Beginner)

2004.06.28 Monday    - Perl Quick Start (Beginner)

2004.06.30 Wednesday - Web Application development (Advanced)

2004.07.04 Sunday    - PHP and MySQL (Advanced)

Location: Ramat Efal

These are all one-day courses but we have other,
longer courses as well for in-house training.
See the full list here: http://www.pti.co.il/courses.html

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact me directly
either by e-mail or by phone.

If you know someone who might need either of these seminars please
forward this e-mail to her/him.

   Gabor Szabo
   Perl Technology Israel
   08-973-2897 / 054-4624648

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