[Israel.pm News] Next meeting: this Thursday 1st of April

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Sun Mar 28 06:12:45 PST 2004

We are having our next meeting on Thursday.

As usual we meet at 18:00 in the bomb shelter of Dapaz
in Abba Hillel str 23.  Ramat Gan. (close to the railway station.)

On the menu

- Roman M. Parparov: Using Perl for Geophysical data (40 min)
- Uri Bruck: A SOAP server implemented in Perl (45-60 min)

  if we have time Ran will fool us with his recent ideas:
- Ran Eilam: A natural flow for web apps (20 min)

We will also decide on the PR people of the group. Luckily this
does not seem to be very difficult task becasue just as in the good
old  days back in "communism" we have only one choice for every

We'll also let Shlomi do his stand-up-book-review, if he wants to do it.

22:00 Pub.


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