[Israel.pm News] New mailing list for Perl beginners

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Sat Mar 27 06:30:07 PST 2004

More and more I get the feeling that the level of
the discussion on the perl at perl.org.il mailing list
is frightening away some people with more urgent
problems. People who need to get their job done.

When I originally started the mailing list one of the objectives
was to provide a place for people who took my introductory Perl
classes to ask questions with their problems after the course
was over. As right now I am teaching a calls that will take more
than 2 month to run I felt it might be a good time to setup
another mailing list specifically for beginners. This time they
might as well ask the questions already during the course.

So I'd like to invite those people who feel they would like to
participate in such a mailing list to join it



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