[Israel.pm News] Next meeting on the coming Thursday

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Sun Mar 7 02:49:50 PST 2004

Just a friendly reminder,
Our next meeting will take place on this Thursday, 11th March.

- David Baird: SOAP::Lite and a client application for a web service.
- Roman M. Parparov: "WHOIS this?" about the IP analyzing and the Net::Whois::IANA (5 min)
- Yuval Kogman: What changed on CPAN (10 minutes)
* I hope I did not miss someones talk... if yes, please scream now.

As usual:
Meeting  at 18:00
Speaking at 19:00
Drinking at 22:00

Location: Abba Hillel 23, Ramat Gan
Dapey Zahav www.d.co.il

Donations of 10-20 NIS towards the bourekas are welcome and if
you are the home-made type person, you can bring your own cookies.


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