[Israel.pm News] Courses around YAPC

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Sun Jan 25 04:26:20 PST 2004

Several people asked me on and off list if there are going to be courses
around YAPC. Finally I can get back to you about this.

As you probably know YAPC::Israel::2004, will be held at the
Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, on February 26, 2004.

If you have not registered and paid yet, it is the time now !
http://www.perl.org.il/YAPC/2004/ or call Leah Siegel at 08-9716380

In addition to the YAPC conference, we invite you to participate in the
following one day seminars offered by PTI, and take advantage of the special
price offered to YAPC::2004 participants.

Fundamentals of Perl

This is a beginner course suitable for anyone wanting to use Perl for system
administration, QA, Configuration Management or Web Programming. The course
will offer an introduction to the fundamentals of Perl and will enable the
participants to write basic programs with Perl, and will create a foundation
to learn more complex and specialized features.

This course offers a quick introduction to Perl for people with no prior
knowledge and will establish a basic understanding of Perl and allow the
participant to participate in the YAPC::Israel::2004 Conference.

Web Development

This is an advanced course designed for people interested in learning
to develop simple CGI scripts or large scale applications running
on the web. These scripts and applications will usually involve some
HTML form handling and some database access.

QA - Automated Testing

This is an advanced course designed for anyone responsible for
the quality of the products s/he is working on. It is intended for both
QA professionals and engineers who would like to reduce their work load
by automating some of the tests they *should* do.

We will setup automated test environments in Perl for testing
1) Perl modules
2) Networking devices (e.g. routers, proxys, firewalls)
3) Web Application (in any language)
4) More...

Debugging Perl

Perl developers come from various disciplines. Some have never used a
debugger and think they can manage without one, others come from
environments with built in debuggers and they don't find
the Perl debugger strong enough.

This is an advanced course based on the successful presentations given by
Gabor Szabo at YAPC::Europe::2003::Paris - the European counterpart of
our conference. This course will present the various tools available for
debugging Perl scripts and programs.

Price per course and per person is 500 NIS

Price for registered participants in YAPC::Israel:2004 is 400 NIS

For additional details and registration, please
call Leah Siegel, 08 971 6380,
or send email to leah at pti.co.il

Registration for the above courses is open until Feb 15, 2004.

We look forward to seeing you at the YAPC::Israel::2004 and at
the one day seminars.


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