[Israel.pm News] Schedule of the coming meetings

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Mon Nov 10 03:00:25 PST 2003

Below is the schedule for the coming meetings.
I hope I did not missed any of the suggestions.
If I did, please let me know.

There are still 2 empty slots: one in February and one
in March. New lectures are welcome.

See details from this page:

Dec 11  Shlomo Yona: The garbage collector of Perl (40 minutes)
          When a (large) piece of data is no longer in use in a
          Perl program, the memory used by that data should be
          freed. The subsystem that is responsible for that is
          called the Garbage collector.
        Ran Eilam: Test Driven Development with Java and Eclipse
                    (5 minutes)
        Shlomi Fish: Foreign Languages: Haskell (40 minutes)
           Haskell is a purely functional programming language.


January 8
       Shlomo Yona: String matching algorithms: "edit distance" (60 min)
       Ran Eilam: Introduction to Extreme Programming (2nd part) (40 min)

February 5
       Shlomo Yona: Hebrew and Perl (80 min)

February 26

March 11
       David Baird: SOAP::Lite and a client application for a web service.
             (60 min)


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