[Israel.pm News] Next meeting: 6th of November

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Sun Nov 2 00:22:25 PST 2003

The next monthly meeting will take place on this Thursday,
6th of November, in the usual place, in the offices of
Dappey Zahav http://www.d.co.il/

We'll meet at 18:00 as usual.

On the plate:

Avraham Bernstein: Foreign Languages: Native in Tcl (40 minutes)
  Tcl is an easily extendable and embeddable scripting language.

Ran Eilam: Introduction to Extreme Programming (40 min)
  Extreme programming is the deliberate and disciplined approach to
  software development that if applied correctly might reduce development time and
  improve software quality. It actually stresses customer satisfaction.

More details at:


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