[Israel.pm News] schedule of the upcoming meetings

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Wed Oct 1 12:50:23 PDT 2003

Let me announce the content of the upcoming 3 meetings.

They will all start at 18:00 as usual in Dapey Zahav in Ramat Gan.
Please let others know about the meetings.


Oct 9   Yehuda Berlinger : podindex (15 minutes, in English)
        Gabor Szabo:       podindex with WxPerl (5 minutes)
          Podindex provides searchable access to Perl documentation.
          It has a CGI/HTML interface for remote access and
          a command line interface for local access. In addition
          it has a GUI interface built using WxPerl a multi-platform
          GUI development system.
        Mikhael Goikhman : Foreign languages: Ruby (90 minutes)
          Ruby is an emerging Object Oriented Scripting language
          with very strong features.

Nov 6   Avraham Bernstein: Foreign Languages: Native in Tcl (40 minutes)
          Tcl is an easily extendable and embeddable scripting language.
        Ran Eilam: Introduction to Extreme Programming (40 min)
          Extreme programming is deliberate and disciplined approach to
          software development that if applied correctly might reduce
          development time and improve software quality. It actually
          stresses customer satisfaction.

Dec 11  Shlomo Yona: The garbage collector of Perl (40 minutes)
          When a (large) piece of data is no longer in use in a
          Perl program, the memory used by that data should be
          freed. The subsystem that is responsible for that is
          called the Garbage collector.
        Ran Eilam: Test Driven Development with Java and Eclipse
                   (or: what Perl cannot do, and why it cannot do it)?
                    (5 minutes)
        Shlomi Fish: Foreign Languages: Haskell (40 minutes)
           Haskell is a purely functional programming language.

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