[Israel.pm News] Next Meeting on Thursday: mod_perl 2.0 tutorial

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Tue Jul 15 05:28:30 PDT 2003

so far 24 people are coming....

Our next meeting will take place on the coming Thursday 17th July.

Stas Bekman who is visiting Israel on his way from OSCON
(Open Source Conference) to YAPC::EU::2003::Paris will give
us the same mod_perl 2.0 tutorial he gave at OSCON.

The only difference will be is that instead of paying
hundreds of dollars as entrance fee to his tutorial
at OSCON you can hear him free of charge.

If you know about other people whom might be interested,
please forward this message to her!

Date:     Thursday 17th July 2003
Time:     17:45 meeting
          18:00 Stas will start his tutorial at 18:00 because it
                is 3.5 hours long and we want to get home the same
          22:00 closing time

          Aba Hilel str 23, Ramat Gan
          Dapey Zahav

More details and map at:

RSVP:     So far 24 ppl. have told me they are going to come.
          If you are planning to come and did not have time to
          let me know about it, please do it ASAP: send me
          an e-mail

Car from/to Haifa:

          Stas stays in Haifa at his parents. He needs some way to get
          to the meeting and then to go home. If anyone comes from
          Haifa or goes there after the meeting, please let me know
          ASAP !

Digital camera:
          Whoever has digital photo camera, please bring along !


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