[Israel.pm News] Next meeting: Thursday, 17th July

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Mon Jul 7 01:11:30 PDT 2003

Hi ppl,

sorry for the delay, it took some time to get the approval
of Dapey Zahav. We'll try to make it smoother for the next time.
Anyway, here we are:

Date: Thursday, 17th July, 2003
Time: 17:45 meeting in front or inside the building
      18:00-22:00 mod_perl 2.0 tutorial by Stas Beckman

Location: Dapey Zahav http://www.d.co.il/
          Aba Hilel str 23, Ramat Gan
          5 minutes walk from Arlozorov

         Stas Beckman, one of the leading personalities in
         the Apache/Perl/mod_perl world is going to give
         us a tutorial about mod_perl 2.0.
         He is giving the same tutorial on this years OSCON
         in Portland, Oregon and YAPC::EU::2003, Paris.

         While Stas has a degree from the Technion most
         likely he'll talk in English (or Australian as he is
         living there now :) but will answer our questions in

Link:    http://www.perl.org.il/20030717.html

RSVP: Please confirm ASAP to me if you are planning to come.

Gabor <gabor at perl.org.il>

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