[Israel.pm News] next meeting: 12th June, location needed

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Wed May 28 11:31:25 PDT 2003

Our next monthly meeting will be on 12th June somewhere
in the Tel-Aviv - Ramat Gan area but we don't have the 
final location yet.

18:00 Meeting
19:00 Roey Almog: Search engine that index MS-Word documents. (30-40 min)
20:00 Ran Eilam: OO persistence Tangram (30-40 min)
21:00 Gabor Szabo: post mortem YAPC::Israel::2003 (20-30 min) 
                  (if can put it together)

Sela will probably give their classrooms but it would be better if we 
had a place close to the Arlozorov bus and train station. Can anyone 
help find a place ? We need a place to hold 30 people with a 
projector and a white-board.
Please contact me ASAP if you can provide the place.

If you are planning to come please send me an e-mail directly 
to gabor at perl.org.il so we know how many people are going to come.

On http://www.perl.org.il/meeting.html I have listed a couple of 
presentation proposals, mostly mine. We urgently need more proposals so
we can create a schedule for a couple of month and announce it publicly.
Send your proposals to me.
It can be on any topic even if it is not directly related to Perl if it
is to be interesting for us. 
It can be any level - even for beginners.
It can be any length between 5-60 minutes.
Personally, I'd like to hear those presentations that I missed at YAPC.


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