[Jerusalem.pm] IRC meeting- First topics draft (fwd)

Gabor Szabo gabor at perl.org.il
Sun Jul 18 12:41:12 PDT 2004

The Jerusalem Linux mailing list started to move again, maybe this is
a good opportunity to the Jerusalem.pm people to get involved and
bring in a few people from there.

See the message that want over their wire.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 15:17:00 +0300
To: iglu-jlc at iglu.org.il
Subject: IRC meeting- First topics draft

The following is my proposal for topics to be discussed on the coming IRC
meeting (currently scheduled to 22:00 next Wednesday but yet open to changes to
suite your will)
I urge you to come up with topics you want to discuss before the actual meeting
in order to make the meeting more organized and productive.

‏IRC meetting topics
1)	How and why quetioneer.
2)	Target audiance of the club-
	stating point- non-matching target audiance groups (newbies and experianced
home users, technical users, network operators...)
3)	Frequency and content of the meetings-
	starting point- meeting every second week with content to approch specific
group (offer: 3-4 alternating series of lectures for the different groups once
every 1.5-2 months)
4)	Who to reach the target audiance-
	starting point: intreductory website with option to make contact and get
involved (both by mailing list and by other means eg. e-mail and ICQ).
Advertising for experianced usesrs on the community websites and advertising
for newbies by posters and direct connection of the club and the community
5)	Responsibilities- How takes what?
6)	Available speakers and topics (just to see what we currently have under the

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