[Israel.pm] Rob Masic of Evozon is visiting Israel on October

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Thu Sep 19 07:08:31 PDT 2013

Rob Masic, the co-owner of Evozon[1] is visiting Israel next month. His
dates are October 5h - October 11th.

Evozon, consisting of 250+ people (about 50 of them doing Perl), do many
contract projects. It sponsors various Perl events (such as YAPC::EU) and
organizes the Cluj.pm Perl Mongers meetings. I've had the pleasure of
spending some time with them and was absolutely charmed with their ability,
innovation and practices. The people who work there are inspiring.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Rob, a pleasant and sophisticated man,
and had a lovely discussion on the advancement of Perl in the world, and
getting more younger people in the community and work market.

Since Rob is visiting Israel, he'd like to get together with several
companies that work with Perl. If you work at a company that uses Perl
(which you probably do), please contact Amalia Pomian from Evozon to
provide her with a contact to your company to try and set up an appointment.

I'm pretty sure he would enjoy having a small get-together with fellow Perl

Amalia's email is: amalia.pomian at evozon.com.

[1] http://www.evozon.com/
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