[Israel.pm] Report about the Last Tel Aviv Perl Mongers Meeting

Issac Goldstand margol at beamartyr.net
Sun Oct 27 02:17:38 PDT 2013

For those who missed it, I just uploaded the recorded presentation to


On 25/10/2013 15:33, Shlomi Fish wrote:
> Hi all,
> thanks to everyone who came to the meeting, and special thanks to Issac for
> giving an interesting talk about writing distributed apps using Gearman. I'm
> sorry that Erez couldn't make it eventually, and I hope we can hear him talk at
> a later date.
> Some people (including me) had difficulty in finding the room, and for future
> reference, one should climb to the second floor and then climb an extra flight
> of stairs that extends from the corridor there, with a white door at the top
> with the label "software engineering" department.
> Anyway, some people mentioned emscripten there which compiles LLVM to
> JavaScript ( https://github.com/kripken/emscripten ) and people mentioned that
> it was used to port CPython and the ruby interpreter to JavaScript. I noted
> that someone else and I started working on a JavaScript port of
> the /usr/bin/perl C source code using it - https://github.com/themucker/plu .
> Last time I tried, it required some manual tweaks to the final output (due to
> what appear to be emscripten bugs), and themucker seems to have disappeared for
> a while, so I'll need to find some time and motivation to work on it again.
> Reading the Python source of emscripten itself made me appreciate Perl's
> quoting features again as exemplified in Ran's old talk about quoting, because
> I ran into some triple quoted strings inside triple quoted strings there with
> three backslashes (something like \'\'\'). 
> Regards,
> 	Shlomi Fish

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