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Tue Mar 12 22:33:02 PDT 2013

Hi all,

in case you missed my post on blogs.perl.org, see:


(short URL - http://xrl.us/bonezw ).

Reading from it:

I'd like to make an announcement: after some serious thought, I decided that
from now on, being a software developer (which I am not too bad at) will only
be the means (but the absolutely necessary ones) to me being a writer /
entertainer / philosopher / Internet celebrity (a little bit of all those and
then some) whose main pride and passion is his personal web site, which is full
of a lot of material, and various pages and material is constantly added to it.

Note: I am not going to "quit" from the Perl world or am going to stop
programming completely. In fact, programming in HTML, XHTML, CSS, XSLT, Website
Meta Language, Perl 5, Bash, Vim/gvim, and many other general purpose and/or
domain-specific languages, is absolutely necessary for what I do on a daily
basis. Furthermore, I have little patience for laymen who do not wish to learn
HTML, and just require more and more of our (= my peers and mine's) time to be
wasted in a typical "Parable of the broken window" fashion. I think even most
of our sisters, mothers (and yes, I'm being facetiously sexist on purpose,
because a lot of the most clueless people we can think of are male), etc. can
learn some basic programming skills and even be good at that with the right
attitude. When put in a corner, they will be forced to learn it. and that
programming is becoming more and more essential for everyone to know.
Furthermore, clients who wish to remain ignorant (and often hostile) forever
should be avoided, with a clear honest and sincere explanation telling them why
and how to improve. 

Note that I am still looking for a half-time jobs and/or projects as a
software developer in order to earn some cash, until I become self-sustaining
as a writer/entertainer.

(The post also mentions a different post of mine called "Putting all the cards
on the table (2013)" as well as "How to Achieve World Domination" the proper
way by writing something specialised.) 

One opinion I did not note in the post, was that during Helenistic times,
philosophers (who were then very amateurs and amateuristic -
http://www.paulgraham.com/opensource.html ) were likely considered as
no-goodnicks and cheap entertainment, and spoiling the youth, and often being
extremely bad form and non-sensical. Naturally, these times were very
different from now, when physicians were treated as necromancers (who
attempted to reverse the gods' wills of a person dying of natural causes), and
people employing many slaves, and most women still not enjoying most of the
liberties that they have today, but hopefully - you get the point. I aim to be
an amateur philosopher (where amateurs are people who like what they do, people
who bend the rules, and finally - people who are not professional), but not
necessarily a bad one.

I've also been working on going out more - networking in real-life, socialising
in various forums in the vicinity of my house in Tel Aviv, and enjoying myself,
which I feel makes me more emotionally stable instead of working on the
computer all day and every day. Someone I talked with on instance messaging,
told me this was the key for getting rid of
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bipolar_disorder (a.k.a manic–depressive
disorder) and I feel much better now. There are a lot of attractive women
(and men, naturally) walking around in places like
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tel_Aviv_University (to which I can walk from
here) or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibn_Gabirol_Street (which is a short bus
ride away), and it feels good hanging around there.


	Shlomi Fish

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