[Israel.pm] 2013 Perl Workshop suggestion

Meir Guttman meir at guttman.co.il
Thu Jan 3 00:36:46 PST 2013

Hey all seasoned Perlers:


I have an idea/request for a very important topic (to newbies): "The Perl
development environment".


This might cover:

.         Editors

.         Debuggers

.         IDE's

.         Perl critique

.         PeldTidy

.         Test-running (especially before installation)

.         Different platforms testing

.         git and similar

.         Packaging and distribution to CPAN

.         Installing

.         "Areas" (in @INC)


In other words, "How do you develop in Perl". Please note though, the
intension is not to teach the tools, but the INTERACTION among them all.


And this could be divided into multiple parts if 40 minutes is not enough.
It could very well be part of a coherent session (a morning or an afternoon)
that would also include talks about each tool or a review of available tools
in a given class, e.g., IDEs.


And please, don't tell me to do it. I might be the perfect audience, but the
least qualified speaker.



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