[Israel.pm] FYI: ILPW on Purim

Dov Levenglick dov.levenglick at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 05:29:37 PST 2013

I just noticed that ILPW in on Purim (25 Feb, ט"ו אדר). I know that it's
late and that the dates were announced a while back, but I urge the
organizers to consider rescheduling. As a parent, I can't justify not being
with my kids on a day of vacation and dressing up in order to attend a

Gabor, Sawyer - can this decision be revisited please? I want to attend,
but not on Purim.

       בברכה  |  Best Regards,
דוב לוונגליק  |  Dov Levenglick
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