[Israel.pm] The syntax role of the colon (':')

Meir Guttman meir at guttman.co.il
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Dear Shlomi,

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>Hi Meir,
>On Sun, 16 Sep 2012 11:15:10 +0300
>Meir Guttman <meir at guttman.co.il> wrote:
>> Thank you Gaal!
>> Your pointer is excellent! Googling for «perlio» yielded a lot of 
>> useful links.
>> Of these I found that the most useful start in “Mojolicious”.  My 
>> recommended steps are:
>> 1.       Start with Mojolicious’ “perliol” document’s “Basic
>> Structure”: http://mojolicio.us/perldoc/perliol#Basic_Structure
>> 2.       Go to the PERLIO section in Mojolicious’ “perlrun”:
>> http://mojolicio.us/perldoc/perlrun#PERLIO (Why is this architectural 
>> introduction in the document that explains how to run the Perl 
>> interpreter is a mystery to me…). In that section there is a direct 
>> answer to my question, to quote:
>> A space (or colon) separated list of PerlIO layers. If perl is built 
>> to use PerlIO system for IO (the default) these layers effect perl's 
>> IO.
>> It is conventional to start layer names with a colon e.g. :perlio to 
>> emphasize their similarity to variable "attributes". But the code that 
>> parses layer specification strings (which is also used to decode the 
>> PERLIO environment variable) treats the colon as a separator.
>> 3.       Follow with Mojolicious’ PerlIO doc
>> (http://mojolicio.us/perldoc/PerlIO)
>> 4.       Then follow any of these documents’ “See also...” to your
>> heart’s content!
>Just a note - I believe that http://mojoliciou.us/perldoc/ is just an interface to the standard Perl POD documents which can be found under pod/ and other places in the perl distribution, and can be accessed using the "perldoc"
>command. E.g:
>perldoc perlrun .
>So they have nothing in particular to do with Mojolicious.

Shlomi, believe me, I am well aware of Perl docs. That the first place I looked. Unfortunately, these are "reference" docs, namely for people who know the stuff but need a reminder. That's not me! The Mojolicious docs on the other hand are treating me (literally translated from Hebrew as) "...at the level of the eyes!" (You know what I mean, don't you?) So my recommendation stands.

>> Good reading, thank you all Shana Tova and Gmar Khatima Tova!
>Shanah Tovah. However, I should note that חתימה is spelt with a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heth , instead of a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaph (as Khaph), so it should be transliterated into "Hatimah" or "Chatimah"
>- not as "Khatimah".

I am by no meaning a linguist, so am shrugging... I was told by a Hebrew speaking, authoritative American that 'ח' is transliterated as 'kh' while 'כ' is 'ch'. Also, my experience with many other Hebrew-aware (but not necessarily Hebrew-speaking) Americans pronouncing my street name (נחל-דן) for example was compatible with that.

Is there an אקדמיה ללשון העברית official transliterating guide? Are you sure these Wikipedia pages are authoritative?

>	Shlomi Fish


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