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Wed Oct 31 03:41:45 PDT 2012

Hi All,

I sometimes teach basic or advanced perl class, and usually when I teach
the advanced class I need to spend some time explaining to everyone why
"use strict" is important, and how to "use autodie" or about the
3-arguments open, etc.

Most of the students have taken a basic perl class sometimes in the past
(some even recently), but neither the trainer nor the slides mentioned any
of that stuff...

On the other hand, I'm teaching this advanced perl class for a client who
used my materials and their own trainer for the basic class. (My slides are
Now, at this client, they start all programs and exercises with use strict,
open files with my filehandles, etc.

So I was thinking if we can reach other perl trainers and either bring them
to the group, or just create some guidelines paper, maybe titled "before
teaching perl, make sure you understand these points". Or create open
training materials for perl trainers to use ...

(as a side-note, if you take a perl class and the first program has "use
strict" on it, you'll use strict. Strict is just an example of course, and
we should think about best-practices that new perlers should have from day

What do you think ?



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