[Israel.pm] Importing values from a 2D hash into another 2D hash

Meir Guttman meir at guttman.co.il
Tue Oct 30 07:47:12 PDT 2012

Thank you Sawyer and Ran. Intriguing… 

But I was thinking about something akin to how one combines two simple
hashes as:

%combined_hash = (%combined_hash, %added_hash);

(This of course overwrites same-key records, but in my application this is a
“feature” and a bonus... J)

My problem was that I was lost and couldn’t figure out how to deal with all
these references to anonymous inner hashes. L




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On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 9:04 PM, Ran Eilam <ran.eilam at gmail.com> wrote:

Returning a new value instead of mutating the sub arguments:

sub combine_values {
  my $old = shift;
  my $new  = shift;
  return map {$_ => {
      %{ $old->{$_} },
      %{ $new->{$_} || {} }
  }} keys %$old;


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