[Israel.pm] NYTProf shadow files?

Shmuel Fomberg shmuelfomberg at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 17:53:28 PDT 2012

Hi All.

I'm using NYTProf to profile our web Perl application, configuring it using
Apache's SetEnv command.

SetEnv PERL5OPT -d:NYTProf
SetEnv NYTPROF file=/tmp/nytprof.out:addpid=1:sigexit=1

The weird thing is, that I see more nytprof.out.* files in the /tmp
directory then I expect.
I added a print to the logs to list the pids of the application CGI, and
some of the files do not come from my application, and also they
are corrupted.
(the NYTProf documents says about the corruption: probably the END block
wasn't reached)
I look at the head of these corrupted files, and they claim that they were
created by our app.
Totally weird.

Anyone have seen this problem?

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