[Israel.pm] DB_File->fd returns 0 on Windows

Shmuel Fomberg shmuelfomberg at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 18:13:02 PDT 2012

Hi All.

I was hunting for a bug why DB_File->fd is returning 0 on windows (instead
of the DB file descriptor)

looking in the module, it has a test for it. only - the test is commented

took me a few minutes to find out which version this commenting-out was done

and then looked in the change log. ah, here it is:

"Fixed test failing under windows"

(DB_File version 1.812)

oh really? thanks. now the test works. but the module - not so much

this is so annoying

why do people write tests, if when the test failed they just disable it?

Maybe we should make a short for that: ICTDD - Ignored and comment test
driven development.


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