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Shmuel Fomberg shmuelfomberg at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 23:48:33 PDT 2012

Hi All.

I wasn't long in the YAPC - it started on Friday and continued to Saturday.
One interesting talk that I did manage to catch was of Tim Bunce, of
NYTProf fame.

He is now working on memory profiler, and the idea is to take snap shots of
memory usage, diff them, so you will be able to tell where all this memory
is going and maybe if you have a leak.
(but not where the leak is from)

I also learned in that presentation that Perl keeps memory for functions
after they ran. And if they are recursive, it will keep the function memory
* recursion depth.

so if we have a function:
sub func {
    my $i = shift;
    return if $i <= 0;
    my $x = "_" x 1,000,000;

*after* the function is run, the Perl process will be 20MB big. and that
memory is not usable for the rest of the program - it is reserved for

On the light note, I got commit bit from Tim for Dist::Surveyor. Now I need
to learn to work with Dist::Zilla and all its plugins.

On the dark note, my netbook, for some reason, takes a very long time to
install CPAN modules. using cpanm is faster then cpan, but still painfully
I wish I knew what cpan is wasting so much time on. it always "thinks"
after creating the yml/json file for the to-be-installed dist. uff.

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