[Israel.pm] TA.pm Hackathon! This Wednesday (27/06)

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Sun Jun 24 02:23:54 PDT 2012

I just got word that the room might change again.

Please keep posted on the list to make sure of the correct room.

If you're at any point uncertain, email me.

On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 11:54 AM, sawyer x <xsawyerx at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey everyone!
> This Wednesday we're not going to have our usual tech meeting, but instead
> we're going to do a hackathon!
> A hackathon is a gathering where we meet up and work on whatever project
> we feel like. We can do it all together, in smaller groups or on our own.
> You can learn how to use objects, a new framework, solve some
> $work-related problem you have trouble with, start your first CPAN
> distribution, try out new cool code, add features to an application, fix a
> bug, patch some code, contribute documentation, and more. You have all the
> help from people around you to do whatever it is you want. This is a great
> opportunity to meet people, learn from each other, get familiar with new
> and interesting projects, get help on fixing problems, and trying new
> things with the support of friends.
> You don't even need a laptop!
> (although if you have one, bring it!)
> Here is a list of suggestions of what we can do. If you have any ideas,
> write them on the list or bring them along.
> - rewriting a CGI app in Dancer, or add features to an existing web app
> - rewriting an application using Moo/Mouse/Moose
> - contributing to a CPAN module (fixing a bug, adding a feature,
> correct/adding documentation/tests, etc.)
> - adding a feature to a CPAN module
> - writing a new CPAN module
> - working on TelAviv.pm.org and automating the tools to update it
> - writing your first asynchronous code (POE/IO::Async/AnyEvent)
> - writing your first GUI
> - writing your first Padre plugin
> - whatever you can think of
> Date: Wednesday 27th.
> Time: 6:30pm
> Location: Shenkar College, Anna Frank 12, Ramat Gan
> Room: 407 (the old building)
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