[Israel.pm] No technical Perl Mongers meeting (though maybe hackathon) this month, please submit talks for next meeting

Yona Shlomo yona at cs.technion.ac.il
Wed Jun 20 12:19:40 PDT 2012


I can try to host a mongers meeting at Outbrain (Netaniya)
and give a talk on solving problems with Map Reduce with
Perl (for example) using Hadoop Streaming.

# only if we have time and people are into it

 	If there's also an interest, I can also suggest a
 	mini-hackathon for writing reusable code for:

 	Writing a service to proxy information from a MySQL database
 	to Hadoop environment.

If there are enough people interested I'll try to find out
when I can host the meetup.

Shlomo Yona
yona at cs.technion.ac.il

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