[Israel.pm] No technical Perl Mongers meeting (though maybe hackathon) this month, please submit talks for next meeting

moshe nahmias moshegrey at ubuntu.com
Tue Jun 19 12:31:52 PDT 2012

hackathon sounds like fun :) i will be there if i can.

On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 4:58 PM, sawyer x <xsawyerx at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> since both Gabor and I were at YAPC::NA 2012 and recently returned, we
> didn't really get to prepare the meeting for this month.
> No one has submitted talks, and the time is short, so this month we will
> forego our June meeting.
> We will however have our meeting next month!
> Also, we can set up a hackathon for next week, if enough people are
> interested.
> *Please submit talks*
> If you've never given a talk at TelAviv.pm before, this is your time!
> Prepare a talk (5 or 10 or 20 or 40 minutes long) about anything you want:
> - Your work
> - Projects you've done (in your company, outside your company)
> - Modules you like using
> - A tricky situation you've solved, and how
> - An application that makes your life easier
> - A database less familiar to people
> - A certain work methodology you use
> - How to work with a popular code-related websites (Github, HiveMinder,
> Trello, for instance)
> - Whatever you're interested in
> It doesn't have to be about Perl, but you get extra points if it does!
> *Please submit talk ideas
> *There are a lot of people who can and are willing to give talks about
> subjects they're familiar with, but it's tricky to know what people want to
> hear. Although the rule of thumb is "just submit it", some people find it
> easier when they're being asked to give a talk about something specific. If
> there are things you're interested in, voice them in the mailing list and
> perhaps others who are familiar with that topic will be willing to give a
> talk about it.
> Here are several ideas for talks:
> - (cpanm +) local::lib - why use it? how does it work?
> - App::FatPacker - why use it? how does it work? no, really?
> - the PSGI/Plack stack
> - Arduino and Perl
> - Nginx - why? how?
> - Asynchronous Perl - IO::Async, POE, AnyEvent and more
> - Tricks you're using to work with older Perls (5.6 and downwards)
> - WWW::Mechanize for fun and profit
> - Perl::Critic
> - The state of Padre, the Perl IDE
> I'd be happy to hear about more ideas anyone has. Also, I'd be happy to
> hear if anyone (and who) would be interested in hearing any of these
> topics. Let's vote on this, and if people see a subject that they're
> familiar with and is desired, they'll be able to talk about it.
> Also write in the mailing list if you want to give talks but you want more
> ideas.
> *Hackathon?*
> Gabor has suggested a hackathon a few times. It's a pretty successful
> concept abroad and people get together and learn how to do things (use
> objects, use frameworks, write interfaces, solve work or non-work problems,
> etc.), code new stuff, add features to other applications, and so on. I
> think this could play out well in our group and people could both learn a
> lot from it and enjoy themselves. It is very enjoyable, trust me! :)
> If you're interested in doing a hackathon, mention it on the list. If we
> get enough people (I reckon 4+ is a good number), we could do a hackathon
> instead of or following our Perl Mongers meeting. Some hackathons have 10,
> 20 and even 30 people. In that case, we just break off to groups where
> people work on whatever they want.
> Here are some ideas for stuff you can accomplish at a hackathon:
> - rewriting a CGI app in Dancer, or add features to an existing web app
> - rewriting an application using Moose
> - contributing to a CPAN module (fixing a bug, adding a feature,
> correct/adding documentation/tests, etc.)
> - adding a feature to a CPAN module
> - writing a new CPAN module
> - working on TelAviv.pm.org and automating the tools to update it
> I'd be happy to hear about more ideas anyone has, and any input at all.
> All the best,
> Sawyer.
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