[Israel.pm] No technical Perl Mongers meeting (though maybe hackathon) this month, please submit talks for next meeting

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Tue Jun 19 06:58:24 PDT 2012

Hey everyone,

since both Gabor and I were at YAPC::NA 2012 and recently returned, we
didn't really get to prepare the meeting for this month.
No one has submitted talks, and the time is short, so this month we will
forego our June meeting.

We will however have our meeting next month!
Also, we can set up a hackathon for next week, if enough people are

*Please submit talks*
If you've never given a talk at TelAviv.pm before, this is your time!
Prepare a talk (5 or 10 or 20 or 40 minutes long) about anything you want:
- Your work
- Projects you've done (in your company, outside your company)
- Modules you like using
- A tricky situation you've solved, and how
- An application that makes your life easier
- A database less familiar to people
- A certain work methodology you use
- How to work with a popular code-related websites (Github, HiveMinder,
Trello, for instance)
- Whatever you're interested in

It doesn't have to be about Perl, but you get extra points if it does!

*Please submit talk ideas
*There are a lot of people who can and are willing to give talks about
subjects they're familiar with, but it's tricky to know what people want to
hear. Although the rule of thumb is "just submit it", some people find it
easier when they're being asked to give a talk about something specific. If
there are things you're interested in, voice them in the mailing list and
perhaps others who are familiar with that topic will be willing to give a
talk about it.

Here are several ideas for talks:
- (cpanm +) local::lib - why use it? how does it work?
- App::FatPacker - why use it? how does it work? no, really?
- the PSGI/Plack stack
- Arduino and Perl
- Nginx - why? how?
- Asynchronous Perl - IO::Async, POE, AnyEvent and more
- Tricks you're using to work with older Perls (5.6 and downwards)
- WWW::Mechanize for fun and profit
- Perl::Critic
- The state of Padre, the Perl IDE

I'd be happy to hear about more ideas anyone has. Also, I'd be happy to
hear if anyone (and who) would be interested in hearing any of these
topics. Let's vote on this, and if people see a subject that they're
familiar with and is desired, they'll be able to talk about it.

Also write in the mailing list if you want to give talks but you want more

Gabor has suggested a hackathon a few times. It's a pretty successful
concept abroad and people get together and learn how to do things (use
objects, use frameworks, write interfaces, solve work or non-work problems,
etc.), code new stuff, add features to other applications, and so on. I
think this could play out well in our group and people could both learn a
lot from it and enjoy themselves. It is very enjoyable, trust me! :)

If you're interested in doing a hackathon, mention it on the list. If we
get enough people (I reckon 4+ is a good number), we could do a hackathon
instead of or following our Perl Mongers meeting. Some hackathons have 10,
20 and even 30 people. In that case, we just break off to groups where
people work on whatever they want.

Here are some ideas for stuff you can accomplish at a hackathon:
- rewriting a CGI app in Dancer, or add features to an existing web app
- rewriting an application using Moose
- contributing to a CPAN module (fixing a bug, adding a feature,
correct/adding documentation/tests, etc.)
- adding a feature to a CPAN module
- writing a new CPAN module
- working on TelAviv.pm.org and automating the tools to update it

I'd be happy to hear about more ideas anyone has, and any input at all.

All the best,
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